The name of this organization shall be the Graduate Accountancy Association, hereinafter referred to as “GAA”.


ARTICLE II:              PURPOSE

The purpose of the GAA is to enhance awareness of developments in the accounting profession, and to build professional and social networking opportunities for graduate students at Bentley University.  The organization provides opportunities for its members to contribute to the betterment of the community through volunteer initiatives.



Section A:      Eligibility

GAA membership will be available to all graduate students and faculty at Bentley University.

Section B:      Restrictions

No individual shall be denied membership to the GAA for any reason denoted in Bentley’s Anti-Discrimination Policy.

Section C:      Positions

GAA members may choose to run for any position of the Executive Board save for the faculty advisor, or enroll to the Subcommittee to the Executive Board, by responding to the announcement sent prior to Fall and Spring elections.  Subcommittee members are assigned to support each Executive Board function.



Section A:      Purpose and Authority

The Executive Board shall be the governing body of the GAA. It shall be responsible for establishing and carrying out the policies and activities of the GAA, and for the allocation of all GAA funds.  It shall also be responsible for selecting an advisor to the GAA in the event of a vacancy in that office.

Section B:      Composition

There shall be seven (7) Board positions:  President, Senior VP of Operations, VP of Public Relations, VP of Philanthropy, VP of Accounting, and VP of Technology, with the Faculty Advisor serving as an ex-officio (non-voting) member of the Executive Board.

Section C:      Qualifications

Executive Board members should be loyal and diligent to serve the interests of the GAA, and exhibit a positive, professional attitude in GAA matters.  Officers must meet all qualifications set forth by Bentley University for status as a student organization officer.  Students may only run for board positions if they are planning to remain available for board activities for their full term.

Section D:      Responsibilities

Executive Board members must exercise due diligence in fulfilling their responsibilities.  This entails providing prompt status updates to the Executive Board, especially when dealing with time-sensitive issues, and delegating responsibilities to Subcommittee member(s) if any difficulty is encountered. If the Board member continues to have difficulty, he/ she must express such a matter to the Executive Board.  Board members are not allowed to renege on their responsibilities and/or drop out from the group as a matter of convenience.  In such an event, the GSA Executive Board, GAA faculty advisor, and Director of GSA Activities will be notified.

Section E:      Duties

The President shall:

  • Devote ample time to leading and representing the group in all activities.
  • Communicate and act on behalf of the GAA when dealing with external parties.
  • Have the power to interpret and carry out provisions of the Constitution.
  • Motivate, monitor, and follow-up with group members on their progress.
  • Assume responsibilities for any vacant positions.
  • Delegate responsibilities between members where needed.
  • Organize two (2) networking events.
  • Report networking event logistics to VP of Operations.
  • Assist with organizing all other events and activities.

The Senior VP of Operations shall:

  • Devote ample time to leading and representing the group in all activities.
  • Assist the President with all of his/her responsibilities.
  • Be capable of taking over Presidential responsibilities.
  • Organize logistics for events.
  • Arrange accommodations for meetings and events.
  • Report any accommodations requiring use of budget to the VP of Accounting.
  • Assist with organizing all events and activities.

The VP of Public Relations shall:

  • Email newsletter updates to the member body and respond to inquiries.
  • Send website/ social networking update memos to the VP of Technology.
  • Promote GAA events and activities around campus, and in the GSA newsletter.
  • Request GSA newsletter recipients with membership interest to contact GAA.
  • Produce apt, well-composed, communicative promotional messages.
  • Forward task-specific student inquiries to the appropriate officer.

The VP of Philanthropy shall:

  • Organize at least one (1) volunteer/ charity fundraising activity.
  • Report philanthropy activity logistics to VP of Operations.
  • Gather feedback on philanthropic activities from members and career services.
  • Connect with outreach programs and charities to establish our presence.
  • Generate a list of future potential projects and confirm feasibility.
  • Collaborate with academic advising and GAA member tutors on tutor service.

The VP of Accounting shall:

  • Organize at least one (1) academic discussion on the accounting profession.
  • Submit approval forms to the GSA for all events requiring use of budget.
  • Submit FPF forms to Bentley catering when appropriate.
  • Record and disperse the minutes of all meetings.
  • Create feedback forms and sign-up sheets for events and meetings.
  • Forward feedback forms and sign-up sheets to VP of Technology.

The VP of Technology shall:

  • Update the GAA webpage and social networking sites with news updates.
  • Debug technical issues with webpage using WordPress and HTML knowledge.
  • Assist with set-up of projector and presentation during meetings and events.
  • Debug any technical issues arising during activities and events.
  • Collect feedback and sign-up forms and update contact list and poll databases.

The Faculty Advisor shall: 

  • Provide guidance to the Executive Board and monitor activities.
  • Review and approve amendments to the Constitution.



Section A:      Time of Election
Elections shall take place at the last meeting of the Fall and Spring semesters.

Section B:      Advertisement of Elections

Elections shall be announced and advertised to all members of the GAA, no less than twenty-one days prior to the time of election.

Section C:      Proxy Votes

Signed, sealed votes or nominations by proxy are permitted.

Section D:      Voting Body

The voting body shall consist of GAA members present in person or by proxy at the time of election.

Section E:      Voting Procedures

Nominations: Nominations may be made by those qualified under Article III. Nominations to each office shall be taken one meeting prior to election of the respective office.

Positions:  All positions save for the faculty advisor shall be subject to elections.

Accounting: The advisor and a non-running member at large will count the votes.

Section F:      Vacancy of Office

President:  In the case of a presidential vacancy, the Senior VP of Operations shall become Interim President.  In the case of a vacancy to the Senior VP of Operations position, a special election of current and/or non-current Board members will commence at the next general meeting.

Vice President:  In the case of a vice presidential vacancy other than VP of Operations, a candidate that is a non-current Board member may be voted in.  The office will remain vacant for the semester if the position is not filled by the eighth week in the semester, and the President will assume responsibilities or delegate them among the VPs, who may delegate them to their respective subcommittees. 

Section G:      Duration of Term

The duration of office shall extend to the next regular election.



Section A:      Purpose and Composition

The purpose of the Subcommittee is to support the functions of the Executive Board.  There shall be a Subcommittee on Operations, on Public Relations, on Accounting, and on Philanthropy.

Section B:       Placement

Enrollment:  The Executive Board must send an announcement to the GAA at the beginning and end of each semester requesting to be contacted by GAA members who have leadership interest.  Interested members should forward their resumes and provide a brief summary of their strengths.  The Executive Board will keep a list of members with leadership interest, review their candidacy, and follow-up with them.

Function:  Those members will speak to the GAA about their interest, and the GAA may place them on a Subcommittee.  Members expressing interest who do not have a specific interest area will be contacted by an Executive Board member when an assignment becomes available.  Assignments may be for activities in the current semester, or to prepare for activities in the subsequent semester. All Subcommittee members are expected to represent the group and demonstrate leadership.



Section A:      Financial Records

The financial records of the GAA shall be available to any individual or organization upon request.

Section B:      Allocations and Internal Audit (AIA)

All expenditures shall be in accordance with the policies set forth by the Graduate Student Association.



The Executive Board may assess periodic membership dues. The Executive Board shall determine the amount and frequency of the membership dues.  The Executive Board may impose sanctions, including suspension of voting privileges, against those members who are derelict in their payment of dues.



Section A:      Frequency

Executive Board meetings shall be held on a bi-weekly basis or on consensus of the Executive Board.

Section B:      Announcement

Meeting times, dates, and locations shall be made available upon request.



The GAA shall adhere to all policies of Bentley University, the Bentley University Graduate Student Association, and to all applicable federal, state, and local laws. This constitution, amendments to it, and the by-laws of this organization shall be subject to review by the Graduate Student Association to insure that they are in accordance with the aforementioned rules and regulations.



The Constitution of the GAA may be amended, repealed, or replaced in part or in whole with the approval of the faculty advisor and by a two-thirds (2/3) vote at a regular GAA meeting. 

Section A:      Provisions

Amendments must be presented not less than seven days prior to the vote

Section B:      Enactment of Changes

Changes to this constitution shall come into effect upon approval of the amended constitution by the Graduate Student Association.

Section C:      Documentation of Changes

The President of GAA shall attach to this constitution a statement that reads, “I, President of the Graduate Accountancy Association, certify that the attached constitution is a valid and correct copy of the constitution approved by both the membership of this body and the Graduate Student Association.”  The President will affix his/her signature and date to this statement, and will provide a copy of the constitution and statement to the Graduate Student Association.


ARTICLE XII:                       AGENCY CLAUSE

The GAA is not an agent of the Bentley University Graduate Student Association and its views and actions do not necessarily represent those of the Bentley University Graduate Student Association.