Executive Board


President: Tiantian (Cindy) Fang, MST Candidate, 2017

Tiantian is a MST candidate at Bentley who had her Master of Accounting in 2013. Before Tiantian enrolled in Bentley, she had four years full time working experience in accounting field. Her interest in tax sprouted from the VITA team she joined when she was pursuing her MSA degree. Tiantian targets to join a public accounting firm as a tax associate upon graduation. She likes jogging and exploring new stuff.

Email: fan1_tian@bentley.edu



VP of Communication:  Yifan Zhao, MSA Candidate, 2017

Yifan is now a graduate student at Bentley University majoring in Accounting.  She is also a double Falcon, finished her Bachelor degree in Finance from Bentley as well.  After taking her first taxation class, she becomes very interested in the topic and plans to pursue a Graduate Certificate in Taxation.  Yifan plans to start her career in the tax field after graduation.

Email: zhao_yifa@bentley.edu



VP of Event, Wenhua Wang, MSA Candidate, 2017

Though my major is accounting, I am also interested in taxation and financial planning. I believe financial knowledge will greatly help individuals, organizations and society in many aspects. Thus, I hope everyone could learn some basic concepts. I am open-minded and curious about new stuff. Absorbing new ideas and meeting with new people just make me feel excited. I am interested in psychology as well, which will help me to understand others and myself better. I am recently learning French. If you speak French, please contact me, haha. My hobby includes photography, travelling, reading, swimming and visiting museum.

Email: wang_wenh@bentley.edu



VP of Marketing, Tianyi (Dorothy) Dong, MST Candidate 2017

Tianyi(Dorothy) is a Bentley MST candidate with Bachelor degree in Accounting from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. In GTFPA, Tianyi supports the president in organizing events, preparing presentations and promoting GTFPA’s reputations. Tianyi also supports the development and implementation of organization’s events, she  designs flyers and publicity materials for every events. In future career adventures, Tianyi seeks opportunities that utilizing her taxation knowledge and professional discipline. Please feel free to contact her anytime if you have any questions.

Email: dong_tian@bentley.edu




VP of Operation, Xingrui Zhang, MST Candidate, 2017

Xingrui Zhang is a MST candidate with two Bachelor’s degrees in Accounting and Finance from the University of Iowa. Xingrui worked on the wining team of the PricewaterhouseCoopers 2014 Challenge Case Competition at University of Iowa. She interned at Xpitax as a tax preparer during her graduate studies. Xingrui enjoys travelling and jogging in her spare time. She plans to purse a career in federal taxation upon graduation.

Email: zhan_xing@bentley.edu



Active Member, Shuning Wang, MSA Candidate, 2017

Shuning Wang is an enthusiastic and self-motivated student, studying Master of Science in Accountancy at Bentley University. Shuning interned in auditing department in Ernst & Young and finance department in Getrag Ford Transmission Company (a car transmission company) . Being strategic, creative, and adaptable makes Shuning love to take challenging tasks and to learn something new in different areas. Shuning is now interested in participating in events, conference and competition which helps her grow better and learn lessons from life.

Email: wang_shun@bentley.edu

Faculty Advisor: Jack Lynch, Director of Graduate Programs – Law, Taxation & Financial Planning Department       Email: jlynch@bentley.edu