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GSA executive board 2016-2017

President: Sanjay Patil

Sanjay is a fervent reader and frequent blogger. Passionate about Management, Business and Analytics. He has an MBA in Finance and is pursuing a Dual Degree doing MBA in Marketing and MS in Marketing Analytics. Has vested interest in branding and advertising. He is your boring lad spends most of his time with books, articles and music.




Senior Vice President: Qian Zhang

Qian is now pursuing her master degree in Accountancy. She enjoys horror movies and almost have watched all famous ones from all over the world. This summer she just started to learn guitar, a totally new challenge!


Vice President of Events: Shuchi Gupta

Shuchi is an avid traveler, currently enrolled in the MSBA program. She handles Events for GSA, as organizing fun outings is something she loves doing! She loves to explore new places, go on hikes, and food, she loves food. She enjoys cooking elaborate meals during the weekends and hosting her friends.

Vice President of IT: Yasha Guo

Yasha is a MSIT candidate with an undergraduate degree in Philosophy. She loves traveling and photography. You can see her in a lot of GSA events with a camera in her hands, yep, she is the camera girl In her spare time, she spends a lot of time with her cute Shiba puppy named Jazz. Welcome to follow Jazz’s instagram at jazz.shiba 😛

Vice President of Sister Organizations:Yunhan Zheng

Yunhan (pronounced as YOON-hahn) is born in Huzhou, China. She is pursuing her MBA and MSIT degrees at Bentley. Recently joined a game development group, she is learning 3D game creation with a bunch of interesting folks. Enjoying hiking, she dreams to complete Annapurna Base Camp Trek in the near future. When fall comes to the New England area, you’ll find her on one of those trekking trails.

Vice President of Inter-University Relations: Akriti Bhatia

Akriti is an ElMBA student with concentration in marketing. She loves being around people and is travel junkie who is always ready to pack her bags and leave to a new destination. Born in India she has lived in India and in Dubai. She now calls Dubai her home. She will be the VP of Inter University Relations which is perfect since she loves interacting with people.


Vice President of Philanthropy : Yaqi Mei

Hello,everyone! I am Yaqi mei! I am post-graduate student in Finance major. I take charge for the volunteer and non-profit activities in GSA. I like photographing, designing, and shopping. I am interested in trying different food and do creative cooking.


Vice President of Operations : Minh Dang

Minh is a food enthusiast from Hanoi, Vietnam where he spend lots of time playing video game as a child. He is currently a candidate for the dual degree MSMBA program with a concentration in IT. Before joining GSA as VP of Operation, he was VP of Communications of GITMA. Minh loves making silly jokes, travelling and meeting fellow gamers (go Mystic!). In free time, he enjoy cooking and playing boardgames with friends.

Vice President of Alumni Relations : Naren Chandra

Naren is an MBA with an Engineering degree and a lot of work experience in international marketing. Having worked across the globe in banking and advertising, Naren has now taken a break to pursue his passion - Marketing Analytics. He is a candidate for the MSMA program. Having relocated recently from Dubai with family, he enjoys playing with his 2 year old son! He is a marathon runner, loves exploring new places and is passionate about food, films and music! He is the VP for Alumni Relations.

*The 2016-2017 President and Senior Vice President were elected during the 2016 spring semester by Bentley’s graduate students. The rest of the e-board was then appointed. All graduate students are encouraged to vote each year and any graduate student may run for office during the nomination and election season each spring.

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