Mar 23 2008

Silverlight 2 is here!

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And it’s an entirely different experience over version one…


MS Silverlight

Silverlight is a browser plugin that allows development of rich web applications with features such as animation, vector graphics, and audio-video playback. It’s somewhat similar to and competes with products such as Adobe Flash, Java FX, and Apple QuickTime, but it is from Microsoft. As of version 2.0 it can now be implemented via the .NET development suites.


Silverlight is also the tool used to create the web application of NBC’s 2008 Summer Olympic coverage (Look out for updates on Ideally, a television can only cover about 1,200 hours of live Olympic events, but with Silverlight, this is expected to be about 2,200 hours of live coverage and 3,600 hours of video on demand. In addition, users will be able to pause and play, rewind, watch up to four sports at the same time, and look up info on different sports, sportspersons, etc applicable to the currently viewed sport. In effect it is going to be an integration of YouTube, Wikipedia (for sports), PiP, VOD, etc. for some Olympic size entertainment.

Check out these demos:
(You may need to click on the content area and / or download a plugin to view the video)
NBC’s Olympic Website demo at the MIX 2008 conference
Hard Rock Cafe’s Memorabilia

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