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MSHFID Program

Students in the Masters of Science in Human Factors in Information Design (MSHFID) program study user experience (UX) research skills and apply these skills in their respective fields, such as engineering, design and the social sciences. MSHFID students are located across the United States and are now part of the largest program of its kind in the country.


The Bentley University Human Factors in Information Design Organization (HFIDO) provides students and alumni with resources for human factors, usability and UX.

HFIDO’s focus includes:

  • organizing events, such as skill development workshops and speaker panels, to augment the student learning experience
  • maintaining a depository of key resources for students and alumni,
  • building a network between Bentley students and the greater UX community,
  • and informing the Bentley community about the latest usability, interaction design, and human factors trends.

All Bentley students are welcome to join HFIDO.


HFIDO aims to provide educational enrichment opportunities for Bentley students and alumni in all fields related to user experience. In addition, we hope to create a community in which we can share best practices and aid in career building.


HFIDO started in 2007 to provide Bentley University HFID graduate students and alumni with additional resources for practical human factors and usability information.

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