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Nov 02 2011

How Macroeconomic Factors Are Shaping Graduate Student’s Careers, Investments & Borrowing Outcomes

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Wednesday November 2, 2011

3:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Bentley University

McCallum School of Business

Room:   LaCava 305 B

Dan Thibeault, President and CEO

GL Advisor


The past generation’s Great Moderation resulted in financial market expansion and widespread prosperity for US graduate students.  Graduate students and MBAs today are faced with the consequences of the Great Contraction and completely different reality. Contrary to the doom and gloom commentary endemic in today’s media, this talk will focus on the opportunities borne out of the post-crisis climate.

GL advises thousands of clients on financial allocation management recently landing it on Inc. Magazine’s list for “Fastest Growing Private Companies.” GL has been interviewed by CNN and his commentary written up by the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, US News and the New York Times.

Salient topics to be covered include:

  • Permanent Changes in Labor and Financial Markets Due to the Recent Crisis
  • Implications for Graduate Student and MBA Career Decisions
  • Financial Services Market Institutional and Market Dynamics
  • How Graduate Students Can Take Advantage Today With Their Student Loans

Dan Thibeault will host both a discussion and Q&A.

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