Board Members Spring’15

 Xiaohuan (Claire) Ma - President 

Claire is a first year graduate student in Marketing Analytics program. She is interested in mining the truth behind the data and curious about customers’ behaviors. She enjoys life very much. She loves hiking, travelling, photographing, and cooking.



Yeqing Zhao - VP of Social Media


My name is Yeqing (Chloe) Zhao, I am a first year graduate student in Marketing Analytics who just graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, and I will focus my career on marketing analytics field.




I am an MSMA candidate. I have a passion about data analysis and consumer behavior. I grew up in Xiamen and love the ocean, love swimming and am also enthusiastic about cycling.




Mengjia (Cherry) Chen is pursuing Master of Science in Marketing Analytics and certificate in Business Analytics in Bentley. She worked in Coca-Cola before and had some work experiences related to operation and marketing. Cherry is passionate about data analysis and marketing analysis. She’s always proactive and optimistic and have lots of interests, like traveling and movies. Mengjia looks forward to making some differences with all members and having a great time in GMO.

Qian (Fiona) Wang - VP of FINANCE

Fiona is now attending Bentley University for MSMA program and will graduate 2015. Be enthusiastic about all of technical marketing tools! GMO is bring so many wonderful events that would help you either with work or life! Really enjoy working with these lovely colleagues in GMO. Also two year study in Bentley will be a precious memory.