Junior Members Spring ’14


My name is Lauren Coates. I am a recent graduate of Saint Leo University with a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing and a minor in Mathematics. I am currently attending Bentley University for a Master’s degree in Marketing Analytics. Following graduate school, I hope to have a career in the marketing research field



She is a first year MS in Marketing Analytics student from China





Alexa is a dual degree MBA and Master of Science in Marketing Analytics candidate at Bentley University. She has over four years of marketing experience with an emphasis on content development. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Science - Marketing and Public Relation from Syracuse University as well as a six-week study aboard program at Syracuse University in Florence, Italy.


    Zhuyi Shao

A Chinese MSMA student who will be graduating in 2015. Was co-concentrated on Accounting and Business Administration but later encouraged to jump this huge gap to embrace marketing! Be extremely enthusiastic about traveling, dancing, crafting, watching movies and sharing all my stories with people around!