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May 09 2013

Apple’s 6 Simple Rules for Designing Apps

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“Among iOS developers, the day that you finally submit your app for Apple’s approval can be a tense one. Even when you’ve seemingly followed the guidelines, polished the code and passed every field test, Apple can still reject your app for almost any reason.” Learn more at Mashable.

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Apr 25 2013

Developing Tools to Create Semantic Web Content

“The Semantic Web is a movement that aims to add value and utility to online information by structuring data in a way that both computers and humans can understand. The goal: computer systems that can understand and infer meaning – for instance, a computer system that knows the difference between an “organ” that is a musical instrument, and an “organ” that lives inside your body. Services like Siri, Wolfram Alpha, and Knowledge Graph have shown us what it’s like to consume content on the Semantic Web. But what if your business wants to create Semantic Web content?” View the full article on The Globe and Mail.

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Apr 23 2013

Combining In-Person and Remote Research

“In-person user research has been around the longest, and is still widely used as a great way to gather feedback on websites, advertisements, or software. In-person research usually involves letting users perform tasks on a computer while asking them questions, observing their behaviors and body language, or having them think out loud. Additional hardware can be used, such as eye tracking devices.” See the full story at UX Magazine.

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Apr 18 2013

6 Key Questions for International UX Research

“Are you worried about how customers in other countries will react to your product or service? Not really sure who your international customers even are, or what they want and need? To find out, it might be time to pop outside the domestic market and conduct an international user research study.” Read the full article at UX Magazine.

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