Dec 20 2012

Skunkworks and Tactics to Excel in the Digital Age

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“Outside of the tech sector, most of the large companies that I encounter are startlingly similar.

They’re massively successful, indisputably recognized as world-class leaders by consumers and the business community. Their executives are all smart and good at what they do. They acknowledge the world is going through a technological revolution and that digital technologies are transforming their businesses. They know that to stay up to par, they have to lead in the Internet space, too. But for some reason they just can’t get it done.

Here’s why: traditional organizational structures are ill-equipped to meet the challenges of the digital age. While they can execute like a fine-tuned machine against core business goals, they generally consist of a series of silos-and digital is inherently integrated. Management of what I call the Software Layer, a layer of technology that surrounds the core business and serves as the focal point of interaction with the outside world, requires a more unified approach.”

Read the full article at Fast Company.

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