Aug 17 2007

Student Life

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Business cards are an important element of your professional image as a graduate student.


The Graduate School Office and the GSA offer lockers in the GSA lounge.  If you would like a locker, contact Colleen Murphy.  If there are more requests than lockers, a lottery is held at the beginning of each school year.


Life as a graduate student includes many aspects outside of the classroom. Waltham is traditionally known as the Watch City, as it was home to the Waltham Watch Factory , a pioneer company during the Industrial Revolution. These days, Waltham actually does have some pretty cool stuff to do. In addition to the helpful resources you can find on My Bentley , here are some other sites you may find useful.




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  1. Brian J Gasparon 31 Aug 2007 at 11:08 pm


    The Graduate School Office now brings you the chance to have a locker on campus. You will need to fill out the locker request form to apply for a locker assignment. The main locker space is located in the GSA lounge at LaCava 284 D. Contact a GSA representative for more information.

    So my question is where do I get the locker request form?

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