Sep 19 2007

Sister Org Job Descriptions

Published by Dan Berlin: President


  • Oversee and guide the direction of the organization and its officers
  • Work with the GSA board and the VP of Finance to determine an appropriate budget
  • Work with the GSA board and the sister organization board to determine events that should be run

Executive Vice President

  • Help the president in the execution of his/her duties
  • Assist the vice presidents with any logistics required to perform their duties

Vice President of Operations (or Special Ops)

  • Ensure that events are put together and run effectively and efficiently
  • Coordinate logistics for events run by the sister organization

Vice President of Finance

  • Oversee the formation, execution, and monitoring of the sister organization budget
  • Keep financial records and monitor the financial condition of the sister organization
  • Submit a budget for approval to the GSA and maintain regular contact with the GSA regarding financial status

Vice President of Communications (or Marketing and Events)

  • Provide all external and internal communications for the sister organization
  • Maintain the sister organization email account and website (blog)
  • Ensure the proper dissemination of information regarding the sister organization
  • Contact corporate partners to help plan events

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