Aug 17 2007

Business Cards

Published by GSA

McCallum Graduate Students can now order business cards on-line from NextGen Printing using a personal credit card. Once the order is placed, business cards will be ready for pick-up from Miller Graduate Career Services, LaCava 275 in about two weeks. Customers will be notified by email when they are available.


Order quantities are (cost includes $6.00 for shipping and handling):


  • 100 ($44.00)
  • 250 ($46.00)
  • 500 ($50.00)

The order form provides a pull-down selection between two set business card templates. One is designed for all students pursing MS and MBA degrees – certificate programs are not included nor are MBA concentrations. Students who are pursuing dual degrees can include both degrees. A second template is available for officers of GSA recognized organizations. On this form, due to space limitations, only one degree and the organization and office held can be displayed.


The ordering process provides an opportunity for customers to verify the accuracy of information on a proof screen and make any necessary corrections. Customers are responsible for the accuracy of information submitted for the finished product.


Click here to place an order
Initial username and password are both “bentley” (Customers will be asked to set a new user name which should be an
email address.)


All issues will be handled by the vendor, NextGen Printing.
David Cummings is the customer service representative assigned to Bentley: [email protected]

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