Mastering Your Money Mindset

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Host: Graduate Taxation and Financial Planning Association


Date: Monday, December 5, 2011


Time: 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM


Location: Student Center 125 C Back Bay


The realm of financial psychology is vastly unexplored in the world of academia. By giving our members the opportunity to participate in a money personality workshop, we’re helping them learn about themselves as future financial investors and advisors. Completing this workbook, developed by Bentley University Professor Kathleen Burns Kingsbury, will showcase each student’s strengths and weaknesses as well as ways to improve upon their skills in order to help better serve their clients. This workshop will give us all the opportunity to learn about and explore our current money personalities, which are greatly impacted by our money history. Professor Kingsbury will lead us of through a number of exercises that will teach us to let go of certain money messages that sabotage our financial and emotional well-being, which will help us to discover the secret to creating a richer life for ourselves. Other topics to be discussed include but are not limited to:

- simple and effective coaching activities to explore your money psyche
- tips to inspire and motivate you to take action toward your goals
- real-life stories about how other people have mastered their money mindsets and reached their financial goals and dreams

Who should come: Members looking to analyze and evaluate their money personalities in order to expand their professional skills.

Event Agenda: Tentative Schedule of Event

2:00-2:30: Introduction to Kathleen Burns Kingsbury and financial psychology, the concept of one’s money history and their money personality, as well as Professor Kingsbury’s personally created workbook titled ‘Creating Wealth from the Inside Out’.

2:30-3:00: Students will complete exercises in the workbook.

3:00-3:30: Results will be discussed, leaving time at the end for an adequate question and answer period.

Case Competition

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Host: Graduate Management Association


Date: Saturday, December 3, 2011


Time: 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM


Location: LaCava Room # 325


Register on MyBentley link. Participate with a group to analyze a business case and prepare a presentation to the judges. Lunch will be provided. Great item to put on your resume. There will be GREAT PRIZES!!!!! The winner will get $500.


Entrepreneur Panel and Trunk Show

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Host: Graduate Women’s Leadership Organization


Time: Friday, December 2, 2011


Time: 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM


Location: LaCava 325


Women who are current graduate students and alumni of Bentley that have started their own business will come share their experiences and lessons they have learned.  Join us if you are thinking of starting your own business someday, working for a start-up, or have any interest in the industry the speakers are working in. Afterwards a trunkshow will be held with a sampling of items from their business. Light refreshments will be served.

GFA Information Session

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Host: Graduate Finance Association


Date: Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Time: 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM


Location: LaCava 284 (GSA Lounge)


Are you interested in becoming a Graduate Finance Association board member? Please bring your lunch to the GSA Lounge and join current GFA Board Members for an information session.  We will tell you more about ourselves and the GFA organization.  Learn how to get involved.  Everybody will have a chance to talk and ask questions!

Graduate Finance Association (GFA) is dedicated to:

-      Enriching students’ learning experience through assorted workshops, lectures and companies visiting etc.

-      Broadening students’ financial knowledge base and hands-on skills by bringing in more real-world practice experience.

-      Helping students to lead with excellence and to be well rounded in the field of finance.

For more information please go to:

Like us on Facebook:

Explore Your Future – Company Tour with State Street

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Host: Ascend Bentley University Chapter


Date: Friday, November 18, 2011


Time: 9:00 AM to 1:30PM (Bus will leave from LaCava shuttle stop at 9:00am sharp)


Location: State Street Corporation, 1 Lincoln Street, Boston, MA 02111


Are you interested in career opportunities at State Street?

Do you know State Street hires international students?

Join us to visit the company, meet State Street Bentley alumni, and hear internal messages from recruiters and professionals.

Please RSVP to [email protected] . Seats will be offered to the first 30 RSVP students. Feel free to email us should you have any concern or question.


GFA Speaker Series

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Host: Graduate Finance Association


Date: Thursday, November 17, 2011


Time: 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM


Location: Trading Room


“The Next Big Market Jolt: How the Nov. 23rd Congressional budget deficit vote will affect the markets”

On November 23rd, the Congressional joint select committee charged with constructing a viable budget proposal is scheduled to deliver recommendations for a 10-year, $3 trillion deficit reduction package.  If they fail to come to terms, $1.2 trillion of automatic cuts will go into effect.  Please join Thomson Reuters Senior Market Analyst Ed Rombach and the GFA for a discussion of the possible vote outcomes and corresponding market reactions.

Peachtree Workshop by The Graduate Accountancy Association

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Host: Graduate Accounting Association

Date: Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Time: 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Location: ACELAB

Instructor: Professor Reed

Peachtree is a powerful accounting software program for small- and medium-sized businesses. It is a comprehensive solution based on real, double-entry accounting principles with screen-level security, audit trails, and automatic accounting checks, ensuring the accuracy and control.

Come to the workshop and see how easy is to use and understand Peachtree, learn how accurate and reliable, insightful and empowering, productive and connective this product is. The knowledge and experience in accounting software are very important in current job markets. It is definitely a valuable skill you can put on your resume!!! The seats are limited. The ACELAB accommodates 35 students. 


Panel Discussion “Earn your edge in a down economy”

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Host: Ascend Bentley University Chapter


Date: Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Time: 3:15 PM to 5:00 PM


Location: LaCava 305B

Thinking about networking with the principal of a real entrepreneur? Want to learn from fellow students who just got amazing jobs at the Big Four? Join us in an Ascend panel discussion of “How to prepare yourself in the down economy.” They will talk about their own life experience and how they overcame obstacles to stand out among peers. Come and join us to network with these students and learn about “their secrets of getting hired?”


Guest speakers

  • Kathleen Zhang, Principal at Kathleen F. Zhang, CPA., MST
  • Jennifer Cao, PwC Advisory, MSF 2012
  • Kevin Chen,  PwC Assurance, MSA 2012
  • Alice Cheng,  PwC Assurance, MSA 2012


Soda and Snacks are served

NETWORK Woth Prof. Newpol & GFTPA

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China Mini Expo

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Love Chinese food?
Interested in Chinese festivals?
Curious about Chinese traditional arts?
Join China Mini Expo for a glimpse of Chinese culture!

You can try to learn Chinese Arts such as Folk dances and paper cut. Also, you’ll get to know more about traditional festivals and main cities in China.

Delicious Chinese food are provided!

RSVP for FREE at MyBentley!

Home Buying Seminar

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Host: Graduate Taxation & Financial Planning Association


Date: Tuesday, November 15 2011


Time: 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM


Location: LaCava Room # 340


Come learn from a panel of professionals and professors on buying your first home, investing in real estate, and planning for your financial future.  Topics will include: tips for searching for your future home, obtaining financing, using a Realtor, tax implications, budgeting, financial planning, and purchasing property as a non-US citizen.

Panelists Include a Realtor, a Mortgage Lender, a Financial Planner, as well as Bentley Graduate Professors within Real Estate & Law.


Contact for Questions: Chris LaFrance ([email protected]), or Heather Fincher ([email protected]).

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Marketing in the age of uncertainty

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Host: Graduate Marketing Association


Date: Monday, November 14, 2011


Time: 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM


Location: LaCava 375AB


What’s next in marketing?
How is our current economic situation affecting marketing?
As a future leader, you have to work smart with the market trends!
This a unique opportunity to hear his expertise from different marketing fields about their views on the fate of marketing in a down economy.
Who are they? Why can’t you miss it?

Woody Benson: World’s Top 100 Venture Capitalist!! Extensive experience in digital media, and mobile and transformational business.
Ray Boggs: VP of Small and Medium Sized Business (SMB) in IDC.  An expert in survey research, forecasting, and market analysis.

Doug Haslam: An expert in social media and public relations. How social media affects the marketing and the way people advertise? He is the right person to answer these questions.

Gary Tyer: Owner of “Competitive Advantage Marketing” — A company which has 20 years of marketing innovation, experience, and successful application.
There will be an opportunity to ask questions, as well as to mix and mingle. Don’t miss your chance to network with our dynamic speakers and ask them everything you always wanted to know but didn’t learn in class!
Graduate students in any program are welcome.
For more information about the speakers and the event, please visit

The Art of Self-Presentation in Business

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Host: Chinese Students and Scholars Association


Date: Tuesday, November 8,  2011


Time: 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM


Location: Student Center 125BC


RSVP: Email to [email protected]


Realize and utilize the power of body language in the American business environment. Develop a strong presence for networking , presentation, interviewing and working. Learn from Professor Ellen Lokos through practice with an interactive  and engaging workshop. Professor Lokos draws upon her dual careers as an international lecturer and actress to offer coaching for creating the strongest authentic presence for each individual.



Shop for Success

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Host: Graduate Women’s Leadership Organization


Date: Friday, November 4, 2011


Time: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM (Bus will leave from LaCava shuttle stop at 10am sharp)


Location: Natick Mall, 1245 Worcester St, Natick, MA



Do you need to buy a suit for interviews, job fairs and client meetings? Do you need a dress for the GSA GALA? Build up your professional wardrobe? Stock up on your winter gear? Graduate Women’s Leadership Organization (GWLO) is here to help you “Shop for Success”!

We will rent a bus to take us to the Natick Mall ( in Massachusetts.  Natick Mall is the largest mall in New England with 200 of the finest retail stores.

The event is open to entire Bentley graduate student community. Attendees need to pay $5 per person to help offset the cost of the charter bus.

TICKETS ARE NOW AVIAILABLE THROUGH MYBENTLEY! Based on past experience, tickets will run out soon, so please be quick to secure a seat!

Email [email protected]  with any questions!